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Services Explained


GLOSS: a gloss is a demi-permanent color applied to the hair leaving it shiny and soft. A gloss can adjust the tone of the hair, but can not lighten the shade. 


SINGLE PROCESS: A single process is an all over color application that can lighten or darken hair. It is often used to cover grays.


PARTIAL PAINTING: A partial painting is a half head of highlights focused on the part of the hair and some in the back of the head.


FULL PAINTING: A full painting is a full head of highlights. This includes the underneath for full courage when wearing the hair up.


SINGLE PROCESS PARTIAL PAINTING: A single process partial painting is an all over color application and a partial head of highlights.


SINGLE PROCESS FULL PAINTING: A single process full painting is an all over color application and a full head of highlights.


DOUBLE PROCESS: A double process is a two step service that lightens the hair first and then a second color is applied as a toner. Often known as a bleach and tone, this service is for solid platinum blondes from roots to ends. 


DOUBLE PROCESS TOUCH UP: A double process touch up is often booked after the first go round of double process color. This service is often referred to as a root touch up for clients with lightened hair. Lightener will be focused at the roots of the hair, and then the full head will be toned. This service should be booked every 6-8 weeks to maintain an even color.


COLOR CORRECTION: A color correction is booked to correct or fix a color job gone wrong.


FANTASY COLOR:  This is an add on to a service to account for the fantasy color used. Colors that do not naturally occur in life count as fantasy colors. 



KERA-TIP: These extensions are individually applied for the most natural and long lasting of extension services. Kera-tip extensions are hand roller and shaped around the head and haircut for a seamless blend. These last 3 months.


TAPE-INS: These extensions are installed as strips of wefts of hair, lasting 8-10 weeks. 

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